Church Life in the postmodern era

Church life in the Postmodern Era

In the past five years I had watched as church after church have closed their doors forever. Regular attendance continues to dwindle and with that goes the resources to sustain the upkeep of these beautiful aging buildings. There are many aspects to consider when trying to find the reason for this decline, but I see two significant ones.
Among those who consider regular church attendance a high priority item, are seniors, who, in most cases, are experiencing a decline in health and finances. Their heart is wanting to be In Church but their situation may dictate otherwise.

Couple that with the baby boomers who are wanting to slow down from the hard work they have done over the years and the lack of commitment from the millennials and you have a recipe for collapse.
The question the church needs to tackle is ” How can we be relevant to all generations.”

This means taking the time to understand each generation. I know some of you are saying ‘wait a minute – we can’t be everything to every body’. I understand that but hear me out.
Let’s take the millennials for example. This group is early in their careers, many have young families and activities drive their schedules. They truly want to feel important and soak up positive feedback. How do you engage them in church life? If they are going to volunteer in the church they need to be invested in the cause. They need to know you care about them and that they are important and valued in the eyes of the church. They need to know that you, the church, need them.  Be willing to be flexible with their schedules and possibly recruit both spouses for one volunteer role.

I know this conversation is endless but I do believe it is a necessary one that churches need to have.
Human beings all have a need to be loved, heard and valued no matter what age or stage in life. God is always there for us and when we gather in His name we need to be there for each other.
That is relevancy!


About nanandfam

Judy is a retired Registered Nurse of 40 years and a Parish Nurse for 10 years. With a heart for helping people to truly be the Hands and Feet of Jesus, Judy has helped restructure and guide congregations to give meaningful care to their members. Judy is involved in teaching and mentoring Parish Nurses. For a detailed CV please contact via email
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