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Judy is a retired Registered Nurse of 40 years and a Parish Nurse for 10 years. With a heart for helping people to truly be the Hands and Feet of Jesus, Judy has helped restructure and guide congregations to give meaningful care to their members. Judy is involved in teaching and mentoring Parish Nurses. For a detailed CV please contact via email

The Waiting Room Adventure

The Waiting Room Adventure I know you have all had the experience of waiting for something! There is that paradox of anticipation mixed with frustration, hoping it will happen today and knowing it may not happen for a long time. … Continue reading

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Church Health Dilemma

Having worked in the Health care system both in hospital and the community Judy is fully aware of the limitations that our present Healthcare offers. In the past, the church was in the forefront, leading the way in Healthcare, but … Continue reading

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Who Can You Turn To?

I would like to invite you to imagine with me for a few minutes Imagine yourself sitting in your home at the breakfast table, you have just spent the last 20 mins looking every where for the milk carton, only … Continue reading

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A Healthy Response to Sex Education Changes

The introduction of a revised Sex Education curriculum in Ontario has caused quite a variety of responses among families. The introduction of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression along with varying sexual acts are now included in classroom sex … Continue reading

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Senior Care and the Church

Welcome back! Forgive me for taking so long to blog again but as you all know, life happens! Christmas, flu, pneumonia and travel have all been a part of my absence on this site. In my last blog I touched … Continue reading

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Redefining Health Care and the Church

We all know that Health Care in North America is the topic of many conversations. Here in Canada there are cracks appearing in the overburdened system. I read an article yesterday, (see Waterloo Region RECORD for Thursday November 13 pg.A3) … Continue reading

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Church Life in the postmodern era

Church life in the Postmodern Era In the past five years I had watched as church after church have closed their doors forever. Regular attendance continues to dwindle and with that goes the resources to sustain the upkeep of these … Continue reading

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Health Matters – Where Church and Life Intersect

Health Matters: Where Church and Life Intersect Churches are full of life! The life of the pastor, the staff, the volunteer, the family, the children and youth, the young adult and the senior. Where else do you find such diversity … Continue reading

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Worth the Waiting

In December of 2008, I had the privilege of helping out in my son’s home while awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild.  As the days crept by past the due date, the term ‘waiting’ took on a very present … Continue reading

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